Small Fe-Lines drawings on table with pot of black ink and cat's whisker

Thinking in miniature

Two exhibitions in the space of a few months have led me to thinking in miniature. Beyond…

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Image of artwork with name

Between the Lines: Exhibition

Thirty-nine of my drawings from cycling a line of ancient tracks across England, from…

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Pencil on paper on the ground, barely lit by the moon

A line towards the moon for 4WCoP23

Walking a line towards the moon: a postcard for The Fourth World Congress of…

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A close up of modroc with charcoal on paper

Towards a line of chalk

Four artists exchanging digital images, inspired by our walks and sent with no…

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Close-up of stitched lines onto paper

Conversations from a Log

Conversations from a Log was an exchange of letters with Tamsin Grainger that became…

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Ink detail of drawing

Convergence / Divergence – Walking the Land

I met up with artists from Walking the Land for Convergence / Divergence, a three-day…

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Ink on melting hailstones on paper

Elemental Drawings

A review of recent small studio works, elemental asides. Drawing the elements, from…

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Logo of 4WCoP2022 text next to a globe

A postcard for #4WCoP2022

Walking a line towards the sun: a postcard for The Fourth World Congress of…

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Screenshot of Tide by Ruth Broadbent in the exhibition Ecologies of Drawing: In Situ

Ecologies of Drawing: In Situ

A still image from my recent work, Tide, has been selected for Ecologies of Drawing: In…

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The Walkbook front cover of book with an image looking up into trees on a red background.

Walking a Line for The Walkbook

Walking a Line: Encounters through drawing (a sensory engagement with the ground) is a…

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