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Between the Lines: Exhibition

February 3, 2024

A Line Across England (Groundlines) will be exhibited in Between the Lines at The House of Smalls 3 Feb – 2 March

If you are near Chipping Campden in Gloucestershiure (UK), thirty-nine of my drawings from cycling a line of ancient tracks across England, from Norfolk to Weymouth, for A Line Across England (Groundlines), are being exhibited in ‘Between the Lines’ at  The House of Smalls, 3 Feb – 2 March. I’ll be in the dollhouse, a gallery within a gallery. 

The exhibition opens on Saturday 3 February until Saturday 2 March so do pop in if you can (check gallery website for opening times). There are nearby cafés and a panoramic view if you combine it with a walk up Dover’s Hill. 

Chipping Campden is the start of the Cotswold Way so there are lots of resonances with my line across England and other Groundlines journeys. 

If you’d like to read more about my Groundlines journeys, including An Island Line and Five Rivers Line, I wrote about them in Living Maps Review, Spring 2022 – read more here


On Friday 1 March, I'm running a walk.draw event on Dover's Hill. More info and booking link here

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